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Pros and Cons of Virtual Fitness Trainers

When it comes to virtual fitness trainers, it can come in many forms. This might be a personal trainer who works virtually instead of in the gym or coming to your home, using an app with a workout schedule, or equipment like Peloton and Tonal, that offer both training and the equipment to use.

No matter which way you look at it, there are definitely some benefits to going this direction, but also some drawbacks to consider.

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Pro: Convenience

The first benefit to using a virtual fitness trainer is convenience. You get to workout at home without having to worry about getting ready to go, transportation, or being somewhere on time. Many times, whether this is a personal trainer who works remotely and follows your workout on Zoom, or you are using an app for your training, you can set your own schedule.

Con: Lack of Form Correction

A big drawback to using a fitness trainer virtually who isn’t actually there with you is lack of form correction. This is important when it comes to weightlifting, especially if you are new to lifting weights. Sometimes, the trainer is live on video watching you, so they can help, but many times you are not watched during your training and it can be hard to know if you’re doing it correctly.

Pro: Save Money

You of course will save money in many cases with virtual training. This is especially true if yu don’t have a personal trainer, but rather use an app, home workout program from a trainer, or are doing home group fitness with multiple people all on Zoom or an app. Even if you do pay a personal trainer for virtual workouts, you still save money by not having to join a gym or pay for transportation.

However, keep in mind you may need to purchase some equipment for home workouts if you don’t already have it.

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Con: Less Accountability

A drawback to virtual training of any kind of the lack of accountability. You aren’t accountable by getting up and going to the gym, or having a personal trainer make sure you show up to your workout sessions. A lot of it comes down to your own motivation and showing up for yourself. While this is true of any workout routine, it can be a little harder when you are working out at home or virtually.

Pro: More Options

There is definitely more flexibility if you choose home or virtual training. Instead of just using equipment in a gym or taking a local workout class, you can choose from so many different styles of virtual fitness training at home. There is weightlifting with hand weights and kettlebells, dance workouts, Pilates or yoga, and so much more.

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