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The Best Appliances for Healthy Eating

While you don’t need to buy anything special in order to eat healthy, it does help to have certain appliances and gadgets. These help make it a little easier to cook and prepare healthy meals, which can help you stick to this new routine.

Here are some of the top appliances and gadgets for healthy eating and cooking.

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Best Appliances for Healthy Eating

Pressure Cooker

One of the best appliances you can have in your kitchen for healthy cooking is a pressure cooker. This appliance uses steam and heat to cook food extremely fast. It is much faster than oven or stovetop cooking, and the results are amazing.

Not only can you buy a pressure cooker on its on like an Instant Pot, but there are also multi-cookers that often include other functions, like including ana ir fryer and rice cooker in one appliance. While pressure cookers can be a little pricey, they are more than worth the investment.

You can cook anything from chicken to hardboiled eggs.

Air Fryer

Another amazing appliance to help with healthy eating is an air fryer. The air fryer uses air to “fry” your foods, instead of oil. You can have foods that taste just like they were placed in a deep fryer, but a fraction of the time and much healthier for you. People often use them to make things like homemade breaded chicken tenders or French fries, but it can also be used for so many things. You can cook salmon and chicken, make roasted vegetables, and even heat up frozen food.

Rice Cooker

If you don’t get a multi-cooker that includes a rice cooking function, getting a stand-alone rice cooker is the next best thing. This is by far the easiest possible way to make rice. All you do is add your rinsed rice to the rice cooker, add some water, and turn it on. In 10-15 minutes, your rice is done and ready to eat. It will cook any type of rice, without needing to supervise it, watch for when it boils, or do anything else during the cook time.

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Blenders and Food Processors

When it comes to smaller appliances, you definitely want to have a good blender and food processor. You can choose the variety based on your budget and how much space you have. There are smaller countertop blenders that are very inexpensive and make great smoothies and protein shakes. You can get food processors that are also smaller and only require pushing down on the top to chop up onions and other vegetables.

Spiralizer and Vegetable Slicer

Lastly, for healthy cooking, consider getting a vegetable spiralizer or slicer. These are small and very inexpensive, but help when you want to spiralize vegetables for “pasta” or simply to slice up your vegetables for different types of dishes and not have to use a knife.

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