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Foods That Can Cause Inflammation and Bloating

If you have been struggling with bloating or signs of inflammation in the body, it might not be from a medical condition or illness, but just in the foods you are or aren’t eating. It helps to start with the foods that can cause this first so that you can eliminate them and se how you feel.

These are the top 6 types of foods that might cause inflammation and extra bloating.

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1. Beer and Alcohol

While not technically a food, this goes at the top of the list because of how prevalent the inflammation can be. All alcohol can cause inflammation and bloating, but beer does tend to be the biggest culprit. Whether you call this a “beer gut” or simply notice you get bloated more when you drink regularly, it is something t think about.

This doesn’t mean you can never drink, but that you might want to cut back or decide when drinking is worth the inflammation in your body, and when it isn’t.

2. Refined Carbs and Fatty Foods

A very common type of food that causes more inflammation in the body is refined carbs and other types of fatty foods. Fatty foods are often made with vegetable oils and trans fats, which contribute to inflammation in the body. They can also trigger some medical conditions known to cause bloating, such as gastritis, Crohn’s disease, and IBS.

Refined carbs a big contributor to unnecessary inflammation in the body as well, so if you tend to feel your belly expand mor than usual after eating bread, pasta, or pastries, it might be from those refined carbohydrates. You don’t need to remove them completely from your diet, but be aware of it and try to choose healthier options, like whole grain bread.

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3. Sugar

Unfortunately, as enjoyable as it is to eat, sugar can be hard on your body. Like other foods, eating in moderation should be completely fine. But if you have had a lot of inflammation that is causing discomfort, it is a good idea to cut back on sugar in your diet to see if it helps. This is primarily added sugar, not sugar that occurs naturally in fruit and honey, but your doctor can tell you where to cut out sugar to help with inflammation and bloating.

4. Trans Fats

Lastly, be careful of having too many trans fats in your diet. Not all fat is bad for you, in fact good fats like olive oil and avocado are really good for your digestion and health in general. But trans fats are something else entirely. These come from processed foods, vegetable and seed oils, and margarine. The less processed food you have in your diet, the less trans fats you will have, so that is an easy way to cut back.

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